Marvel Heroes will introduce level scaling this month

Let's go into a room with danger.

Gazillion announced today that level scaling is finally on the way for Marvel Heroes.

“Dynamic Combat Level scales the difficulty of the game, based on the difference between your level and the enemy’s level,” explains the studio. “If you are a level 30 hero fighting a level 15 enemy, you’ll be dealing and taking similar damage as if you were level 15. You’ll still have all of your power points, unlocked powers, and gear quality of your real level, so you’ll still be much more effective than you were at level 15, you just won’t be exponentially moreso.”

Gazillion says its goal is to solve issues with people of different levels being unable to group properly and to scale highbies properly for lowbie content. When is it happening? Soon. As in June-soon.

“Dynamic Combat Level is planned to release this month, at the end of June. For the current moment, we’ll still be keeping the level band system for Midtown and similar modes. It’s a decent chunk of additional work to remove the bands, and we don’t want that to hold up the system from being launched. We’ll take out the bands at a later time. The Difficulty Setting will come later, probably in Fall of this year.”

Source: Official site. Thanks, Nordavind, ThreeSpeed, and Pashgan!
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