The Daily Grind: Are you the helper or the one who needs help in an MMO?

You just assume I like this. And, I have to be honest, you're pretty much right.

When I play MMORPGs with my friends, I am the helper. There are a lot of reasons for this, and it’s not something I take on with any sort of disdain; it’s just how things are. I’m the one who’s going to be asked to explain something in Final Fantasy XIV, the one who has the money and the rotation knowledge in World of Warcraft, the one who can probably figure out a complex problem in Star Trek Online. Even if I’ve been playing no longer than the other person, I’m the helper.

And that’s fine; I think we all find ourselves falling into a role over time. Some people need help and some people provide it. That’s not to say that, say, your buddies Silas and Dana aren’t good at playing Guild Wars 2; it just means that odds are they’ll need your help far more often than you need theirs. So are you the helper in MMOs? Or are you more often the one asking for help? Neither one is right or wrong, but it’s interesting to see which category you fall under.

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