Guild Wars 2 leak teases living story season three content


An Italian video games site appears to have leaked information about Guild Wars 2’s¬†living story season three in a new interview with ArenaNet.

Though the original article is now gone, Redditor vulcanraven89 translated it this morning. The site claimed that season three will arrive by the end of summer with both PvE and PvP content and that the next episodes of the main quest will be released every two to three months for several seasons. A new fractal with fresh mechanics is allegedly on the way, as are new maps for 5v5 PvP.

As noted, the original piece has been removed and we cannot as yet confirm the contents of the leak.

Source: Reddit. Thanks, Kieran!
Update:¬†Over on the official forums, there’s a different and more complete translation. But again, you know – unconfirmed leak, just like every other Guild Wars 2 showing at a convention in the last couple of years. Ahem.

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