Star Citizen: Around the Verse and the community concept ship debate


In this week’s Around the Verse, Star Citizen’s Sandi Gardiner and Ben Lesnick are still riding high from last week’s 24 alpha patch.

“We know this has been long awaited,” Lesnick says. “Star Citizen Alpha 2.4 is our largest update since the move to 2.0 earlier in the year. It adds persistence, flyable capital sized ships, shopping, ingame economy, all sorts of cool stuff and we absolutely would not be here without the tireless devotion of our volunteer bug testers. The Evocati, all the subscribers who helped out, everybody who else who tested on the PTU, thank you, thank you, thank you for your tireless devotion.” He further reminds players that it is indeed a real alpha — “early, early alpha” — so bugs are expected.

“I know I had some ship spawning, item duplication,” Gardiner chimes in. “I got all excited, I’ve got ten ships!”

In other Star Citizen community news, YouTuber Xenthor Xi has released a sweet fan trailer (it’s below), and there’s a gigantic discussion on Reddit right now from backers and subbers who are disappointed in the steady stream of new concept ships and perceived lack of places to fly them.

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