AdventureQuest 3D preps its ‘biggest update ever’


The upcoming cross-platform AdventureQuest 3D is raising the stakes for the size and quality of its content delivery. Next Tuesday, June 21st, the team is releasing the game’s “biggest update ever” as it chugs along to a fall release.

There’s a lot in store for this scrappy game with the patch. The crowning jewel is the introduction of AdventureQuest 3D’s second dungeon, Umbral Caves, which promises to be a lot more involved and difficult than its predecessor. The update is also adding new types of mobs, monster skills, a dungeon quest chain, treasure chests, atmospheric effects, item previews, shiny icons, and the much-anticipated shadow wolf travel form.

Need more? AQ3D is also rolling out “Crafting 1.0” with the patch. “This will NOT be the finished version of crafting but it’s an interesting start. Crafting takes time so you will be able to check the progress your items as they are crafted in the crafting section of your game menu,” the devs wrote.

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