Guild Wars 2’s Twisted Castle raid will drive you insane


Raids continue to be a big focus for Guild Wars 2’s endgame, and another entry into this exclusive space is coming soon. ArenaNet recently discussed the creation of its Twisted Castle raid on a livestream.

This three-wing raid will present unique challenges for players, as it’s being designed to drive characters insane — literally. As players make their way through a maze in the raid, their characters will begin going mad. Once the madness meter reaches high enough, characters will go crazy and eventually die.

So what does ArenaNet think of the raids it’s designed? Several of the developers responsible for creating these instances gathered together for a retrospective, and their sentiments are (obviously) effusive about the instances.

“Running a raid and developing a raid aren’t altogether too different, it turns out,” Raid Designer Bryan Miller said. “There is iteration, there is failure, there is feedback, and ultimately there is success. You start with very little, and through a shared set of tribulations, you and your team emerge on the other side, stronger and wiser than you were when you began.”


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