Star Trek Online will memorialize Anton Yelchin in-game

That's not to say it's free of issues, of course.

For those of you who missed the news, actor Anton Yelchin (best known to fans of Star Trek as Chekov in the reboot films) died this weekend in what appears to be a freak car-related accident at his home. He was 27 years old, gone long before anyone would have expected to be saying farewell. Star Trek Online lead designer Al Rivera was asked over the weekend if Yelchin would be memorialized in the game, to which his answer was an immediate and unqualified “yes.” Yelchin will join the other performers and crew members memorialized in the game, a tribute for contributing to our hopes for the future.

The more immediate future for STO is its next expansion and its console launch, which of course brings with it graphical improvements. The docking area of Earth Spacedock is being shown off with the old lighting and the new lighting; use your mouse to slide between the two screenshots for a back-to-back comparison.

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