A preview of Path of Exile’s Prophecy changes


Path of Exile’s Prophecy League is in full swing, and devs have utilized player feedback to put together this week’s 2.3.1 update. The Prophecy-specific changes players can look forward to include a reduction of backtracking at end-game to lower-level maps to complete prophecies, lowered sealing costs for fabled and fabled unique prophecies, and new prophecies. To compensate for removing some prophecies, Grinding Gear Games bumped up the rewards rate on the more valuable prophecies by 20%.

Devs also offered a few hints for players: To finish “The Corrupt” prophecy, they write “the trick is to put a Vaal Fragment into the map device.¬†Likewise ‘A Regal Death’ can be completed with some map bosses or Atziri. In addition, it’s pretty easy to just kill Daresso from the waypoint for the free Regal Orb.” Additionally, the¬†“Vaal Hidden Pathways” prophecy will always trigger if players enter an area that can support a side area, removing the random chance aspect.

The update also includes other changes and bug fixes; for full details, check out the dev post. Then be on the lookout for full patch notes later in the week that will unveil all the non-Prophecy League changes.

Source: Dev blog
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