EVE Online will discontinue its in-game browser in October

Longer than it is wide.

Do you enjoy the option to just read ridiculous stuff on the Internet during the blander periods of EVE Online play? It’s hard not to feel that temptation when the in-game browser is just right there. But it won’t be there forever; as of October, the in-game browser is being removed from the game, with any and all add-ons using the browser being given ample time to work on alternative coding solutions to retain functionality.

Why the removal? The most straightforward reason is just that making a browser consistently work is hard, and it’s development time for a feature that isn’t a core part of the EVE experience. The game will no longer open links via the in-game browser, and players are discouraged from using it prior to its full removal, but there is time for developers to code around its absence. So you’ll have to find other add-ons to restore a browser, or just use a second monitor when you’re merrily mining away while browsing the internet.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Deepfred for the tip!
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