Go fishing in ARK: Survival Evolved this summer, prepare for new biomes now


What’s a summer without lounging back and enjoying some nice relaxing fishing? Come July, you won’t even have to log out of ARK: Survival Evolved to do just that! The survival game is adding in fishing, meaning folks won’t have to risk their lives (more than usual) by diving into the depths of the sea to catch some scrumptious sea life; instead, they can grab a pole and kick back on the beach or a raft.

In other news, Studio Wildcard also announced a change in the borders for the new biomes that will be deployed in the next update and is giving affected players until 11:59 p.m. EDT tonight, June 21st, to relocate their bases from the area at coordinates 20, 62/playerposition: 107269 -252994 -12175.

In v243, players on official servers will also see a new web notification feature that will alert offline tribe members of tripwires being set off and babies being born. Unfortunately, this feature is not officially available on any unofficial servers “for reasons of websecurity and site performance.” However, Studio Wildcard added instructions for anyone wanting to write a basic web service for the unofficial servers.