Saga of Lucimia eschews LFG tools to foster community


It’s no secret that Saga of Lucimia is very much a group-based MMORPG, and as such, players will need to find other adventurers for their own survival and advancement. But what if you don’t have a ready-made group of friends at hand? That’s where a¬†looking for group (LFG) tool usually comes to the rescue — but not in Saga of Lucimia.

“This is probably one of the more controversial aspects of what we’re doing,” the team said in a new dev video. “We’re not using an instant dungeon finder or an instant group finder. And that has scared a lot of people […] We’re not using one in our game, why? Because for us, community is everything.”

So why is the team turning its back on LFG tools and how will you be able to thrive in Saga of Lucimia without them? You can watch the full pillars of gameplay video on the topic of LFG tools after the jump.

Source: YouTube

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