Star Citizen changes refund clause for new backers, plans procedurally generated planets for 2.7


There’s no doubt that Star Citizen has sold a massive flotilla of ships and raised staggering amounts of money… but what if the game doesn’t actually release the goods on time? A safety net guaranteeing a refund if RSI slipped its delivery date too greatly has been altered to eliminate this assurance.

A change in the terms of service has removed wording that would guarantee a refund for new backers if Star Citizen didn’t deliver pledge items within 18 months of the estimated delivery date. The revised clause says that a refund will be granted only if RSI ceases development before delivering those items. This change does not affect previous backers, who are still eligible for refunds after those 18 months. notes that there’s enough legal mumbo jumbo wording in the terms of service as to make any chance of a refund difficult. RSI may have changed this clause because of the game’s numerous delays and nebulous release schedule.

In other Star Citizen news, Chris Roberts has returned for the 85th episode of 10 for the Chairman. He tells backers that the game will have a modest booth and playable build at Gamescom; he acknowledges last week’s row over community content for subscribers and promises to improve it; and he hints that procedurally generated planets are due out this year in patch 2.7.

“2.4 added persistence which we will be opening up and expanding on. 2.5 will contain the outlaw base so there will be two factions and two spawning places. Our other “big” focus is the full Stanton system, which will be about a billion kilometres across, with procedurally generated planets. CryEngine was never built to simulate so many object so we’ve been working on full rewrite of everything in CryNetwork to get everything in place for the this and it is scheduled for 2.7. Once we have that and some messaging and organisational stuff which will be rolled out later this year we have the foundations to accelerate cargo, mining, etc. Our goal is to get Stanton fleshed out to the fidelity we want for all of Star Citizen: the “Pupil to Planet” level of detail.”

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