Star Trek Online previews its new console UI for ground combat

Can't we have this dramatic showdown in space?
Ground combat is not the biggest feather in Star Trek Online‘s metaphorical cap, but there are many missions in which ground engagements are called for. You can’t just fly a Galaxy-class starship into the corridors of a space station, after all. So ground combat needs its own UI changes for the game’s arrival on consoles, and not coincidentally, the latest official development diary previews the game’s console interface for phasering your enemies on the ground.

Face buttons will allow players to activate kit abilities and interact with objects, while the shoulder buttons control firing bodes and other powers. You can also use the left stick to roll or sprint, as needed. This comes hand-in-hand with a balance pass to make ground combat faster and more responsive, bringing it more in-line with other third-person shooters so that players will have that sense of familiarity. Check out the full rundown if you can’t wait to be taking on enemies on a console, even if you have to leave the safety of your ship to do so.

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