Blade & Soul’s Soul Fighter update is live today

All of the ladies in this game seem to have an actual class of Clothing Avoider.

The Soul Fighter does not actually fight souls in Blade & Soul. No more than any other class, anyhow. It mostly fights with soul, and that’s “soul” in the “glowing spiritual energy” sense rather than “deeply moving ballad” sense. You could check out an overview down below, or you could just jump in and start making with the fighting in the game, because the patch is live today.

If you’re already perfectly happy with your current class, the patch also kicks off the third PvP season along with the Hongmoon Training Daily Challenge, along with various quality-of-life improvements. Mostly it’s about being a Soul Fighter. And really, who doesn’t want to fight with one’s soul at multiple different ranges? Blade Fighters, presumably, and they’re not actually a class.


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