Das Tal creates a 14-step tutorial for July alpha test


The Das Tal team has its eyes set on the next big step for the game: July 16th’s alpha test. When the alpha goes live, it will bring with it a 14-step tutorial to help acclimatize new players to the game’s mechanics and unique features.

“As you can see, this is a very classic approach to tutorial design,” the team posted. “We’ve built a very small, linear part of the game map where new players start out — one at a time. You progress along a path while trying out the core game features: combat, crafting, abilities and so on.”

Players will begin the tutorial — where else? — but a prison cell. From there they’ll escape, fight guards, craft equipment, upgrade abilities, and work their way up to tackling truly challenging mobs. The team said that it was able to create the tutorial thanks to being “confident” in Das Tal’s core gameplay.

Source: Das Tal