Here’s what’s free and what’s not in next week’s Division update


Except for those destitute PlayStation 4 players, who will be forced to wait until August 2nd, The Division community will get their hands on The Underground update next week on June 28th. Did the PlayStation 4 run over Ubisoft’s┬ádog or something?

In any case, the studio posted a state of the game to clear up any misunderstanding about this big update. Apparently, both The Underground DLC and Patch 1.3 are releasing simultaneously. The Underground, which must be purchased to play, includes the underground area, the Dragon’s Nest incursion, and access to exclusive gear sets. Patch 1.3, which will roll out to everyone for free, will contain weapon balancing, an additional gear set, bug fixes, and more weapons.

No matter whether you bought The Underground or not, if you’re a Division player, make sure to log on after the update to grab three free outfits that pay homage to other Ubisoft Tom Clancy games.

Source: The Division

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