New players join The Elder Scrolls Online’s NA megaserver today with Japanese launch


The Elder Scrolls Online expands again today, this time with a launch in Japan. Game Director Matt Firor writes that ZeniMax and DMM have fully localized the game for the new region over the course of the last year.

Because of the way the game’s megaservers are set up, existing players in North America will definitely be bumping into the new Japanese players. As Firor explains,

“You will see our new Japanese players on the North American PC/Mac megaserver starting today. You may notice them conversing in Japanese as they explore Tamriel alongside you. The game supports Japanese-language chat options, too, much like those that are already in use for French and German on the European servers. Please help us make our new heroes feel welcome by showing them courtesy and hospitality. Say hello in Japanese (Kon’nichiwa! or こんにちは!), and maybe even extend them an invitation to your groups and guilds!”

In this age of rampant region-locking, we can only salute this move!


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