Star Trek Online details the stats for its temporal ships

Time to update.
We’re going to blow your mind with a stunning revelation: Star Trek Online takes place in the future. Yes, this game full of spaceships and instantaneous transportation is a setting several centuries from now! But that point in the future has even more future ahead of it, as demonstrated by the stats of the upcoming 26th century temporal ships coming to Star Trek Online with the next expansion.

Aside from featuring a variety of time-based options for players to exploit in combat with other ships, the temporal ships can also be decorated with the costume of the equivalent 23rd century ship, so you can make your hyper-futuristic battlecruiser from 2548 or whenever look like a ship from 2248! Which might be a little more silly if not for the fact that both of those ships are light-years ahead of modern technology. Check out all of the details on the stats and the ship consoles on the official rundown.


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