Golf MMO Winning Putt increases its level handicap to 35


Despite how you may feel about golf or even virtual golf, hopefully the world can come together to agree that the upcoming golf MMO¬†Winning Putt is not hard on the eyes at all. It’s got content to back up those looks too, especially with its recent¬†update.

The latest patch for the game has increased the level from 30 to 35, brought in new sets of clubs, offered more customization options, and introduced “demanding” quests. What kind of quests will you be doing in a golf MMO? Probably not “save the world” kind of activities, unless this game is aiming to be the raddest sports title of all time. Actually, the quests involve difficult challenges on hard courses, such as getting birdies out of bunkers. Heck, there are even quests on loading screens — because why waste a second of a player’s time?

Winning Putt is currently in open beta with no set launch date for the west. It’s been out in South Korea for a while now.

Source: Patch notes

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