Exclusive interview and video: Twin Saga’s mobile housing


Have you ever dreamed of being able to take your player housing with you in an MMORPG? Heck, you might just be lucky to get housing, period, in most games. Twin Saga, the upcoming anime MMO, feels strongly that part of the fun of housing is bringing it along for your adventures in the world.

That’s why players will get their own Terracottages early on in the game. These are houses that look like they’re outgrowths of massive turtles. Don’t let the look fool you: The Terracottage is quite mobile indeed, and contains enough customization and functionality to please any housing enthusiast.

Curious about Twin Saga’s Terracottage? So were we, which is why we sat down with the devs to talk about this unique MMO house. We’ve got the brand-new Terracottage trailer and an exclusive interview for you after the break!

Massively OP: What made you consider mobile housing vs. standard housing? Why have a house on the move?

Twin Saga: We wanted to put a new spin on the housing concept, and logically, it makes sense for an adventurer to have all of their resources at their disposal during their journey. We really liked the idea of having a home base that you can take out into the world with you. Instead of riding or teleporting back to a city in order to buy and craft stuff, you can just hop inside your Terracottage. When you’re done, you pop right back out where you were, ready to keep on questing!

Will individuals or groups of players be able to own these houses?

Every individual player will have their own Terracottage, and friends can of course visit your Terracottage to hang out. We’re also encouraging this with the community chests that you can open in the house — the more people you have to open it with you, the better loot that it yields for everyone.

And while there are no “group” Terracottages, there is still a guild hall in the game that is exclusive to guild members.

Is there traditional housing in the game too, or is mobile housing the only way?

As of now, the Terracottage is the only form of housing in the game.

This mobile house looks like you go into an instance to access the (much bigger) interior. Is that right?

Yep, that’s correct. The Terracottage as seen out in the world isn’t quite to scale — otherwise it would just be too unwieldy to actually drive across the map. But as we mentioned earlier, you don’t leave your current place in the world when you step inside the house. Whether you kick back and relax, harvest plants, craft some new gear — whatever it is you want to do, you’ll end up right back where you were when you leave the house.

Will this housing be super-expensive and only available to the incredibly rich?

Terracottages are for everyone! Access to the house doesn’t cost a thing, and it becomes available to all players pretty early on in the game. We didn’t want the Terracottage to be a status symbol or gold sink, but rather an integral part of the adventure that you can always rely on. And there will be a lot of ways to get furniture for the house, including vendors, crafting, and dungeon crawling.

How much customization is allowed in it?

Lots! The main floor is the customizable space, and you can load it up with the furniture, decorations, and wallpaper that you obtain throughout the game. You’ll be able to pick the pieces you want to display and place them however you like on the floor and walls. With the right formulas and components, fancier decorations can even be crafted in the Workshop on the lower level of the house itself.

What functional activities can players engage in with this mobile house?

That depends on the floor. The main floor is mainly for socializing. As we previously mentioned, you can bring chests here to open with your friends. The more friends, the better the result! Visitors can also interact with the furniture for unique animations. At the Greenhouse you can grow and harvest plants that will be used for materials throughout the rest of the house. And in the Workshop you have both a crafting table and alchemy lab to make all of the stuff you’ll need out in the world.

Are you concerned that the world will be littered with lots of huge mobile houses? Are there any limitations on where these houses can travel?

Well, we do something a bit different from most MMOs. Twin Saga features a world map similar to the ones you used to find in traditional JRPGs, and this is the map on which the Terracottage travels. When you enter a new zone from the world map, you leave the Terracottage and can hop on a regular mount. On a busy day you’ll probably spy a lot of houses roaming the map, but we actually find that very humorous and enjoyable to watch!

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