Shroud of the Avatar goes persistent on July 28


The date of Shroud of the Avatar’s pseudo-launch is just a little more than a month away, as Release 32 has been set for July 28th. Portalarium would very much like for you to not call this a launch, of course, even though from that date forward game data will not be wiped.

“We will continue to be working to finish the game’s content well past final player data wipe, and while we remain in early access,” the studio clarified. “Until then, the game is neither ‘launched’ nor complete. Launch will be when we pull the game out of early access and we start marketing/public relation campaigns. We have no plans to do those things in July. We know that this plan has generated a lot of questions, but we firmly believe this is the best possible course of action for the project.”

The studio did warn that “limited” rollbacks may be needed after the July 28th release. Before the game’s persistent state is activated, Portalarium will be doing a final server wipe. Will you be playing Shroud of the Avatar when it lau… goes persistent in July?

Source: Kickstarter

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