Star Wars: The Old Republic kicks off the Dark vs. Light Event

The current expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic has the Sith and the Jedi working together pretty closely, because it’s either that or get annihilated. But let’s not forget that the Light Side and the Dark Side are opposed to one another. A temporary ceasefire is in place, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is all smiles and happiness now; it means that there’s something even more threatening in the background. The game’s Dark vs. Light event serves as a reminder of just what the stakes are in that conflict, complete with fantastic rewards for anyone taking part.

So how do you take part? You make new characters and you do things. That’s the short version. There are several different tiers of rewards, and the more achievements you earn, the higher your tier and the more rewards you earn. The choices you make with the light and dark side will also have a long-term impact on the state of the game, as well; which side is winning will affect the state of the galaxy in the fall, as well as determining whether a light-side or dark-side companion is unlocked for players. Check out the event and get ready to spend the summer fighting for one side or the other.

Source: Official Site; thanks to TheDonDude for the tip!

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