The Daily Grind: What’s the most pointless expense you’ve inflicted upon yourself in an MMO?

This is not ambiguous. It actually seems pretty straightforward.

At one point, I picked a bad talent for a character in World of Warcraft, back in the days of talent trees. Annoyed, I schlepped off to the trainer, reset my talents, clicked through… and clicked the same wrong talent. Reset again, sigh, click through… how did I do that again? Yes, three times, three respecs. I am a smart man.

Other great things that I’ve done to myself in MMOs include buying a map in Final Fantasy XI because I forgot that I just had to turn in a quest to get that same map for free, spending a thousand gil teleporting in Final Fantasy XIV because I kept teleporting and forgetting why I had gone there, and spending credits on a shuttle that I never use in Star Trek Online. These are all technically money sinks, but in practical terms, they’re just me making dumb choices and then tossing out in-game money to fix it.

I am certain that this is not just me. Or at least I’m hoping it’s not. So what about you, dear readers? What’s the most pointless expense you’ve inflicted upon yourself in an MMO? How did you throw a bunch of in-game money down a pit only to realize afterwards that you didn’t need to spend any of it?

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