EverQuest II is getting two new servers and a $400 guildhall


Following in its older sibling’s footsteps and making good on its May promises, EverQuest II has finalized its plans to introduce two new server types.

Launching on June 28th, the Isle of Refuge is possibly the more interesting of the pair as a “free trade server,” on which Daybreak says “almost all items can be traded freely between players.” No transfers are allowed to or from the server, either, and you’ll need to be an All Access subber to play there.

On the Race to Trakanon¬†event server, players will be pushed into a competitive, relatively hardcore, and themed environment (this one’s Rise of Kunark) with rewards for characters back home on the production shards.

Meanwhile, players are still getting used to the idea of EverQuest II’s newest round of guildhalls, Highhold and Skyshrine Capital, which will cost guilds $350 and $400, respectively.


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