Exclusive: Riders of Icarus demos its most entertaining mounts


Riders of Icarus is zooming on to its July 6th open beta (and yes, founder’s packs are available). In the lead up to that launch, Nexon is giving our readers another exclusive look at some of the more bizarre mounts in a game whose roads and skies are literally awash in flying critters (as our own MJ discovered last month).

But you want to see how they animate, don’t you? Nexon has obliged.


The white Unicorn mount is apparently a rare sight in Middlelas. According to researchers, the beautiful creature’s horn is the source of its power — and a ward against taming.


The Garme, like the Unicorn, is a ground mount, but far from being a guardian of nature, it’s rumored to be a homunculus created with the magic of the Immortal Devils. That sounds bad.


So here’s one I can’t say I’ve ever seen before in a video game: It’s a flying seahorse. Called the Gilded Benthic, it’s an elite flying mount worshipped by sailors and tamed with the help of the ocean itself.


The Longhorn Bajarn is a heroic ground mount tamed in the desert known as the Beach of Oblivion. According to the lore, it’s smarter than it looks. We’re not sold.

Here’s a few more of the cuter ones:


This’d be the adorable Spotted Cow mount. Mooooooo!


Let me next introduce you to the Golden Laiku, the chibi dragonling of Icarus.


Finally, for those of you who can’t get enough of the Outback, there’s the Woodland Joey.

Any of these strike your fancy?