ArcheAge activates a trio of summer events

If you think about it for a bit, MMO adventurers have a pretty tough life. They’re always on the front lines, always fighting, always getting hurt, and always being killed (only to be resurrected moments later for another round). This has to wear on the psyche, which is why you can’t blame the characters for wanting to blow off some steam during silly summer events.

Speaking of which, ArcheAge has gone on vacation with a trio of seasonal festivities. Players can build giant sandcastles in the Blue Salt Festival, go diving for treasure in Riches from the Depths, and explore some limited-time daily quests revolving around the Daru. Each of these events holds to a different schedule, with the first two activating tomorrow and the last one coming later in July.

The Daru quests will be quite helpful to those looking to increase their alchemy recipe book. “Through Daru alchemy, you’ll be able to craft honor elixirs, vocation elixirs, and more! Plus, complete the quests ‘Potion Lessons’ and ‘The Mystic Daru’ seven times to receive the new titles ‘Elixir Mixer’ and ‘Friend of Daru’ respectively,” Trion said.

Source: ArcheAge