European MMO hybrid Crush Online launches closed beta tomorrow


Crush Online has been mentioned on Massively OP only briefly, but this week it might be worth a closer look as tomorrow it launches into closed beta. Developer GAMESinFLAMES, surely a contender for studio name of the year, says the game mingles MOBA-style combat with a persistent MMO gameworld. Check out this exuberance:

“Experience MOBA combat in a persistent MMO world and participate not just in single matches, but an epic war! Choose between one of three factions and many distinct characters with tons of different weapon setups and enjoy truly spectacular and tactically challenging combat with and against other players or NPCs. And always remember: CRUSH ONLINE isn’t just a match. It’s WAR!”

You can sign up for two-week closed beta on the official site, but just bear in mind that the game is focusing on a strictly a European launch in 2016.

Source: Official site, press release
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