The Division’s Underground DLC is live for the Xbox One and PC today

Really deep down.

There’s a secret war raging in the streets beneath Manhattan in The Division. You know, in addition to the very obvious war raging above the streets. Players who pick up the new Underground DLC will be able to take on the story content and pick up new gear sets while facing off against vicious foes, but everyone will be able to enjoy the latest major patch, which brings a decrease to SMG damage, nine new weapon types, and several quality-of-life fixes like more high-level enemies for level 30 players in free roam.

Everyone on Xbox One or PC can start enjoying the DLC and/or the patch today. PlayStation 4 users, on the other hand, will have to wait until August 2nd for the DLC… and at least until next week for the patch. No specific reasons have been cited for the patch delay, so all that players know is that the balance changes are going to be held in the wings. It’s kind of a kick in the teeth for any PS4 players, although the upside is that you can enjoy your soon-to-be-ending overpowered SMG build for a week more. There’s a video just below running down everything in the patch for players who don’t purchase the DLC.

Source: Official Site via VG24/7, Polygon. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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