WildStar is making big game changes with its Heroes Evolved patch


You might have sensed a few changes in the wind coming for ol’ WildStar, probably because Carbine’s been hinting at and teasing them pretty extensively at this point. Well, today we’re starting to get a much better idea as to what the next update entails for the game, thanks to the release of the patch on the PTR and a bullet-point list of features.

So what will players encounter with this summer’s Heroes Evolved update? It’s planning to include the heralded purchasable level 50 character boost, the two new class/race combinations, the ability to multi-queue for content, the option to level up multiple paths, enhanced Arcterra rewards, and the chance to change one’s race or gender.

Carbine really wants players to help test out the update, particularly the multi-queue system, and is offering a free Battlesworn costume to those who do just that. The summer won’t be over when Heroes Evolved lands, either. The studio said that the game’s next raid, Redmoon Terror, is currently scheduled for August.

Source: WildStar