EVE Online drops new feature patch and Serpentis event


Lo and behold, the galaxy shuddered with terror and awe when EVE Online unleashed Update 118.6 across the cosmos. Historians later said that the bloodbath was worth it as long as players were amused and occupied by the patch.

Update 118.6, also called Shadow of the Serpent, brings out citadel balance improvements, citadel district trading, a new docking and undocking transition, bulk fitting, secondary lighting, new player experience tweaks, visual updates to stargates, scope network challenges and more.

The word on pilots’ lips with this update is “Serpentis.” This brand-new class of capital ship is now available to build, and a special event is running that beckons players to Serpentis pirate sites for fighting and salvage.

You can watch the update overview video and hear the game’s executive producer talk about the patch after the break!


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