NBA champion Rick Fox partners with Daybreak’s H1Z1 for e-sport initiative


Multitime NBA champion Rick Fox has his sights set on H1Z1 as the next big e-sports field, so much so that he has partnered up with Daybreak in the hopes that the zombie arena will strike it big with viewers and pro teams.

Fox owns Echo Fox, a professional e-sports team that competes in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. He said that he’s already been in contact with Daybreak about an initiative to bring H1Z1 more legitimacy as a potential esport: “We got a chance last week to go down to Daybreak and really drill deeper into what’s coming down the line in coming months with our partnership. I’m probably most excited — besides the fact I love to play and compete at it on a weekly basis — what it will evolve into.”

So why H1Z1? Fox said that he’s “obsessed” with the idea of a PvP game where multiple teams can compete against each other at the same time, something H1Z1 allows in its battle royale mode.

Source: ESPN. Thanks, Eric!