Star Trek Online shows off the rewards for temporal captains in Agents of Yesterday

Captain McFly of the USS... oh, heck no, not going there.
So let’s break this down very simply. There’s a crisis in the future of Star Trek Online, which is leading agents further in the future to go into the past and recruit agents that come to the present (which is the past for the recruiters) to fight the problem in the future (also the past for the recruiters). Does that make sense to you? Of course not. Time travel is bonkers. But creating a captain of the 23rd century who can become a temporal agent will lead to rewards, and that part of Agents of Yesterday‘s path is very straightforward.

Players who create a new 23rd century captain will be eligible to receive specialized traits and bundles of faction-appropriate marks; progressing far enough through the game’s story arcs with your time-lost captain will even enable you to spread those traits to every character on your account. You’ll also be able to advance through all of the same content that’s existed in Star Trek Online for some time, combining the best of all possible worlds. So get ready to make yourself a temporal agent when the expansion launches, and try not to think too hard about the chronological implications. Down that road lies madness.


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