CCP grants EVE Online players skins, skill injectors for Iceland’s Euro 2016 soccer victories


Iceland-based MMORPG studio CCP Games is getting in on the football/soccer hype this week with an in-game EVE Online promo tailored around the success of the country’s football team, which has been steadily winning matches through the Euro 2016 tournament. On Monday, the Icelandic team upset England to advance to the quarterfinals. Did I mention this is Iceland’s first major football tourney? Reykjavik is freaking out right now.

“We’re going to start granting server wide rewards for every active EVE account to celebrate each Icelandic victory in Euro 2016 from here forward, so be sure that you’re cheering on Iceland as they attempt to battle their way into the history books!” exclaims the studio. “On the day of each upcoming match, make sure that you’re cheering on Iceland and posting pictures to show how you’re supporting the team on twitter with the #EVEONLINE hashtag, for the chance to win a few PLEX here and there too!”

If Iceland whoops France this weekend, CCP’s granting active EVE players a permanent Thorax Quafe Skin and fireworks, with a perma Megathron Quafe Skin if it wins the semifinals and both a perma Hyperion Quafe Skin and a skill injector should Iceland take home the cup. Everyone’s getting a perma Tristan Quafe Skin as a consolation prize either way. Hooray!

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