Final Fantasy XIV dives into the Deep Dungeon content

I wanna be like her, wanna look like her, wanna act like her.
In the South Shroud in Final Fantasy XIV, there is a hole, and inside of the hole there lives unspeakable horror. It’s the entry point to the Deep Dungeon, and it’s going to task players with a unique objective as they dive in with a varied combination of party roles to collect items, slay enemies, and delve deeper into the dungeon’s challenges. A new development diary shows off some of what the runs into the dungeon will look like, complete with the SNES-styled save menu and interface.

Players can enter the Deep Dungeon with any combination of jobs and a group of any size between 1-4 players, earning experience and special weapons for use in the outside world as you level from the start once again. Items include tools to revive other party members, improve defenses, heal yourself and others, and even turn into monsters to clear difficult sections. The Deep Dungeon is slated for release with patch 3.35, but you can get some of its flavor by checking out the development diary.