Landmark adds in new races, new story options, and new prop functions

He can talk!

Today’s Landmark patch will go hand-in-hand with the new appearance pack for players, allowing you to pay money to make your character something other than a baseline human. Whatever your feelings are on that particular business decision (which is the topic MJ has taken on this week, for the record), everyone can be happy about all of the other things contained within the update, which include improved functionality for several props and new options for story mode and dialogue.

Logic filters have been visually redesigned so that builders can more easily see what a filter is doing and which states are toggled on or off, while the new Counting node allows you to count up events and have something trigger when a limit is reached. Players can also customize text in story mode and specify options for play mode, giving more control over designing an elaborate playspace. You might not want to pay money for more race options, but you’d be hard-pressed not to have some enthusiasm for more build options in general.

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