Shroud of the Avatar releases final pre-wipe patch


It’s almost the end of an era for Shroud of the Avatar, as the game is facing down its final wipe prior to next month’s switch to a persistent world. However, before players have to say goodbye to their test characters, they can say hello to a new patch: Release 31.

“We are only one release away from final wipe and lot selection, and we are focusing on the final tactical changes in order to prepare for that momentous event,” Portalarium posted. “Those tactical changes in Release 31 include an intense focus on the new user experience, character customization inside the game, additional neighborhoods for Greater Brittany, and continued expansions to the crafting system.”

On the technical side, the team said that it’s working hard to eliminate so-called “zombie crashes” and to optimize performance game-wide. It did warn that Shroud of the Avatar is more unstable than usual due to an upgrade to the latest version of unity in the last patch.

Source: Patch notes

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