ARK championships rage on this weekend


This is the weekend that Americans will get out their grills, shoot off some fireworks, and celebrate their independence from the tyranny of dinosaurs. Playing games like ARK is the obviously best way to honor the founding fathers’ bravery¬†as they went toe-to-toe with prehistoric beasts and eventually subjugated the giant lizard-birds.

This is all a round-about way of saying that ARK: Survival of the Fittest, the PvP edition of the game, is hosting two e-sports championships this weekend. First up is the June Survival League Championships on Saturday, followed by the Summer Cup Semi-Finals on Sunday. Both tournaments combined have a $105,000 prize pool and can be viewed on Twitch.

While Survival of the Fittest is free for any budding e-sports athlete, if you’re looking to pick up the full edition of ARK: Survival Evolved, it’s currently 45% off on Steam.

Source: Steam
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