The Daily Grind: How does your guild decide which MMOs to play?

The Daily Grind: How does your guild decide which MMOs to play?

Earlier this week, one of the most well-known multigame guilds in the MMOspace, Gaiscioch Clan, published an article by Benjamin “Foghladha” Foley discussing just how it decides which MMOs to set up shop in. Foley argues that some big clans host so many chapters that the members feel disconnected from the core, and so his guild has come up with a massive matrix of requirements that a game must meet to be worthy — everything from gear progression to zone scale is on there.

My own guild used to put it to a full vote to see whether we had enough people to keep a faction going, but nowadays we’re much less formal and we just plunge on in. If we grew to hundreds of members again, though, I’m sure we’d need a better plan!

I’m curious whether you share Foley’s methodical approach for your groups, be they massive multigame clans or just a few close friends. How do you decide which MMOs to play in your group or guild?

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