Play dinos with us! The ‘MoPark’ ARK: Survival Evolved server has relaunched


Massively Overpowered is all about gamers who love games talking about games. And sometimes, we even get to play games together! This post heralds one such time, as Massively OP’s MJ is hosting an unofficial private ARK: Survival Evolved server and is once again inviting our community to join in the dinosaur fun.

But wait, you might be thinking, didn’t MJ already have an ARK server? You’re right! The old MoPark server was wiped on Saturday and has now relaunched, meaning that no more wipes are planned. However, players should keep in mind that the game itself remains in Early Access alpha, so bugs and issues on individual servers like this one could still occur.

To learn more about the settings and other server information, check out the official MOPark Steam group. To join the server, just add the IP – to your Steam favorite folder and then search favorites when you log in. Happy hunting, and see you there!


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