Crowfall shows you how you can kick down its walls


Did you ever like setting up blocks and dominos as a kid just to experience the joy of smashing them and seeing them fall down? Sure you did, we all did. Crowfall is excited to bring that same type of feeling to its keep siege battles, as the game’s walls will shatter and crumble in a dynamic, natural fashion.

In a new dev video, ArtCraft shows how its wall destruction technology is coming along for the Throne War module later this year. “You can even stand on top of the wall as it’s being blown up and jump from brick to brick as they’re falling from underneath you, which is quite a different animal from some other games where the destruction effects are client side only and are really just eye candy instead of a shared experience of the game,” the studio said.

You can watch the full dev video after the break. What are you waiting for? We can’t click it for you. Well, we could, but it would be a tremendous waste of our staff’s time to travel out to your house. That’s why we need disposable interns.

Source: Crowfall