Paragon adds in new weekly objectives and daily victory chests

Win more!

Do you like to win games? Of course you do. You probably like the fact that winning a match every day in Paragon rewards you with a free loot chest, that’s nice. It’s a bit less nice that you might miss out on that chest if you only have time for a match or two without a win, though, and it’s even worse if you didn’t even know the chests existed. That’s one of the main reasons behind the changes made to the system. Players now earn a locked chest each day just for logging in; those chests can be stored up, and each win will open one locked chest in your inventory.

This also ties into the game’s new weekly quests, which are meant as another path toward players having a diverse set of goals to pursue. Each week, you’ll be given a list of four random objectives. Succeeding at one of the objectives gives you a cards, while succeeding at multiple objectives gives you even more cards after your initial reward. It’s just a little more incentive to log in and keep playing while also encouraging you to diversify your playstyle a bit more.


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