Perpetuum is adding eleven new robots to the game

Mildly irate machine.

The lineup of robots available in Perpetuum has been fairly static for a while now. If you’ve played the game extensively since launch, you probably have a solid idea of what you’re going to see on the field. But the Syndicate is stepping up its game to become a full-fledged new faction in the game, and that means new robots are coming along with that change. Not just one or two robots, either; there are 11 new robots coming, and while they’ve got some parts that might be familiar, the robots themselves are new.

Each of the new robots has a focus on machine guns and is meant to fill in some roles in gameplay, from the Callisto (focused on electronic warfare) to the Daidalos (a transport meant to bridge a specific gap between the Sequer and the Lithus). The next few weeks will take a closer look at what the individual mechs can do, but it’s enough to know that the new machines are on their way, and they’ll make for a more diverse playspace.

Source: Official Site; thanks to VoidStar for the tip!

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