New Dawn is the survival sandbox that pits natives against pirates


Game studios are a bit like Klondike gold rushers, always scurrying to jump on the current hot trend. So witness, friends, the swelling of the bubble that is multiplayer survival sandboxes, and take bets when it will reach critical mass and explode. Until it does, we’re sure to be seeing new games being developed at the rate of two or three a week.

Today we want to point out New Dawn, a good-looking survival title that┬áputs players in the role of a native South American in the 1800s who wakes up one day to find that pirates are starting to make incursions onto the players’ island. The players will need to form tribes, adapt to the new technology, and fight back against the pirates so that their way of life can continue.

New Dawn is currently in pre-alpha development and has a robust list of features that include horse taming, teepee building, and, erm, slavery. Also, because your character will persist in a sleeping state when you’re logged out, others can totally kill you and loot your corpse while you’re AFK. Fun!

You can watch the rather serene pre-alpha trailer below.

Source: New Dawn

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