TERA’s Aces Wild update will include wardrobe space and more flying regions

Complete the look.
The Aces Wild update for TERA is going live on Thursday, but there are still a couple of important updates that players didn’t have the scoop on. Sure, you know about the dungeons and battlegrounds, but did you know that you’ll also have access to more storage space just to be as fashionable as possible? Probably not, because it was only just recently revealed. Bankers will now have a separate storage tab for costumes, allowing you to keep stuff in reserve that you only break out for special occasions.

Players who own flying mounts will also have more regions to explore from the sky, with the Isle of Dawn, Northern Arun, and Southern Arun all open for free airborne exploration. Sure, it’s not a new set of dungeons to fight through or new battlegrounds to rampage across, but the little quality-of-life improvements should make the game that much more satisfying to play.

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