World of Warcraft asks players to hunt demons for Legion beta keys

It shouldn't consistently work, but it does.

We now know what World of Warcraft was teasing for players the other day. The bad news for those of you hoping for a pre-Legion event is that it’s not the pre-patch or a demon invasion. But the good news is that it might well give you a chance to jump in on fighting demons, as the event is all about hunting down demons as part of a bounty event. Capture a picture of the demons requested and you could win!

Players are asked to track several staff Twitter accounts, capture a screenshot of the given demon (dead or alive), and then tweet it back with a specific hashtag. The criteria for winning aren’t stated, so it’s possibly just a matter of luck, but making sure you’ve got a good screenshot couldn’t hurt. Winners will receive access to the Legion beta, giving you a chance to hunt even more demons. It’s win-win! Except for demons. Demons just lose out on all fronts here.


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