Marvel Heroes interview covers the many forms of Ultron


Oh sure, Ultron might be this world-domineering robot with an evil bent, but… look at him! He’s just so dang chipper about it that you almost can’t fault him for his ambitions.

You might have heard that Ultron joined Marvel Heroes’ roster as the game’s 58th playable character last week, so perhaps he’s reformed his marauding ways a bit. put up a new interview with Gazillion about Ultron, saying that his uniqueness comes from not being bound to just one body.

“The main things we felt needed to make it in to our game for it to be Ultron was what essentially became the basis for his three skill trees: energy attacks, gravity attacks, and the ability to control minions,” Gazillion said. “That last one was especially precious to us as we moved forward, because as anyone who has seen Ultron in comics or the Marvel Cinematic Universe knows, Ultron is not one enemy but a host of them.”


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