Multiplayer ARPG Heroes of Incredible Tales is out on Android and iOS today


It’s not quite an MMO, but Heroes of Incredible Tales does have an MMO pedigree: It’s the first-born spawn of Yong-Hyun Park’s NAT Games and published by Nexon. Park, you might recall, was one of the brains behind Lineage II and TERA.

Heroes — they’re calling it HIT — is already apparently breaking download records in its native South Korea. It’s pretty much a AAA mobile multiplayer action-RPG, with four playable toons, action combat, and mobile 3-D graphics sitting on a hefty Unreal Engine 4 base. “Along with an engrossing fantastical storyline in the Adventure mode, HIT is packed with additional single player modes including Tower Trials horde mode and the Daily Dungeon challenge,” says the press release. “HIT is true to its MMORPG roots, offering players an abundance of real-time multiplayer content for both cooperative and competitive play with head-to-head combat in The Arena, 3v3 PvP arenas, cooperative Raid Mode and all out mayhem in Guild War.”

It’s launched as of today for iOS and Android devices, and yes, it’s F2P with microtransactions/in-app purchases. The trailer’s below.

Source: Press release, Google Play, App Store, Facebook, official site

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