New World of Warcraft comic goes over the arrival of the Burning Legion in Suramar

Not the best day.

Being the Grand Magistrix of Suramar seems like a pretty great gig for the majority of your rule. For one thing, you have power over time. For another, you rule over a deathless magically empowered miracle city where nothing can ever go wrong. It’s perfect! Except for the time when Gul’dan shows up with the Burning Legion at his back, that was probably under the header of “bad day” in the government ledger. It’s also the subject of the latest World of Warcraft comic, available for your reading pleasure now.

The Grand Magistrix does not face an enviable choice in this story, as Gul’dan demands that she surrender her city’s Nightwell to the Legion to ensure the Nightborne survive (as puppets of the Legion) or they’ll just take it anyway (which means continued freedom before everyone dies). Considering the fact that we’ll be facing the Grand Magistrix as a boss, you can probably guess how the story turns out, but you might still want to trace the steps along the path.

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