Atlas Reactor reveals free-play event, new toons, and Blur trailer

Trion has a huge closed beta week planned for Atlas Reactor starting today (through July 17th) with a free-play event for the normally B2P, turn-based online game. There are new characters on the way for the event as well: Celeste, “a roguish firepower freelancer who will steal your heart – or at least, any valuables you may have,” plus a second unnamed hero, both of whom should be given their due during Trion’s livestream later today.

Wanna get caught up on the game? There’s a surprisingly nice PDF guide for that; just throw it right on your tablet. It looks more like a tabletop book than an MMO guide, frankly.

Just wanna ogle the game a bit? How about a new Blur trailer? It’s short, but it’s tucked down below.

Source: Press release

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