World of Warcraft teases the Legion pre-patch


When will World of Warcraft players experience the Legion pre-patch? Despite the fact that the opening lines of the most recent development dispatch promise to share more about when to expect it, we still do not have a firm date. What we do know, however, is that Demon Hunters will be playable on the second or third week of August, no later than August 17th globally. That means the pre-patch will be… at some point. We still don’t know. The rumored date is July 19th, but it’s just a rumor.

What the dispatch does clarify is what will come along with the pre-patch. Players will have access to the updated class abilities and transmog systems, along with quality of life changes like automatically shifting to a queued role when queuing for dungeons or raids even if you had another spec active at the time. We also know that the invasion of the Burning Legion will start up in the weeks following the Legion pre-patch rather than on the same day, so we’ll all have some time to get used to new class builds before all fel breaks loose.


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